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Welcome to the Murray - Calloway County Kentucky Economic Development Corporation website - the foremost source of information for expanding existing businesses or companies researching economic development for a new facility or relocation project in Kentucky. Whether you’re an existing business considering expansion, a site selector working on behalf of a corporate client, or a company seeking information for a new facility location, MCEDC is committed to providing you with the most comprehensive and up-to-date economic development information available.

Murray - Calloway County’s key location and workforce offerings are appealing to diverse categories of industry looking to relocate to a Kentucky community with a thriving economy based upon manufacturing, education, and healthcare. Murray’s competitive advantages include location in almost precisely the geographic center of the eastern United States, two major highways which provide access to Interstate 69 and Interstate 24, rail service, Kyle-Oakley Field Airport, low-cost land, right-to-work state, strong existing industry base, high productivity, very low crime, and the Number One public school system in Kentucky.

The Murray - Calloway County Economic Development Corporation staff knows that your relocation or expansion decisions are critical and that you require a comprehensive appraisal of your site selection options. The MCEDC website provides a variety of data sets to help you carefully examine Murray - Calloway County, Kentucky as a contender in your economic development considerations. If you don’t find what you’re looking for on our website, our office will be glad to provide custom data or any site-specific information that you need.

Available Property

Available Property

We specialize in high quality build-to-suit projects with significant tax advantages. We strive to maintain an inventory of developed sites and buildings. When buildings are not currently available, we have extensive experience in customized build to suit facilities for sale or lease.



In Murray/Calloway County, we recognize that a company’s workforce is vital to its success. That is why we strive to provide every possible resource and ensure that every available tool is provided for your site selection process. Murray/Calloway County believes that, as a member of our manufacturing community, your success is job #1. No matter the challenge, it is our job to provide you with the talent you need to excel, both now and in the future. Additionally, there are 600+ workers currently available with transferrable skills in metals-related manufacturing.

Murray, Kentucky - Simply The Best For Kentucky Economic Development

Murray is, quite simply, one of the best mid-sized communities for site selection in the nation and, yes, we are bragging. If you're researching Kentucky economic development, Murray is worth more than a passing look. You can start here.

  • Murray State University
  • Very low Crime
  • Excellent locally-owned hospital
  • Central location
  • Blue Chip Existing Industry Base
  • First Class Industrial Park with outstanding infrastructure and excess capacity
  • Two highly successful public school systems
  • Kyle-Oakley Field airport with 6,200’ runway for corporate jets
  • Outstanding recreation with lakes, golf, parks and more

Murray, Kentucky Economic Development Data:


600+ workers available with transferrable metals-related manufacturing skills.
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